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All the way from the Benue Valley, comes this super talented, energetic, afro-centric raptainer of Tiv origin. He goes by the name of ‘BRAINCHILD’ and he is a pioneer of his sub genre of trado-hip-hop which he terms ‘TIV-HOP’. His music is rich in traditional folklore with a mix of various urban, contemporary and post-modern styles. naTIVe INTELLIGENCE is his first E.P which encapsulates Love, happy times and celebration still mirrors gloomy times like the most recent killings of defenseless farmers in the Benue valley . In a word, it is the ancient wisdom of our fore fathers resung in an up to the minute tune… The perfect sound to keep you in touch with your native roots.

Below is the track list…

Listen, Download & Enjoy

1. Intro

2. Tivhop Palace Ft. Kraezy Legzx

3. Clapters

4. The Time Is Now Ft. Alpha Tee

5. Saan Mo Iyol (I Am Happy) Ft. DJ Marian

6. Ember A Mo (Rejoice With Me) Ft. Sala

7. The Funny Side Of Heartbreak

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