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Oase – One Love (Bob Marley Cover)

Robert Nesta Marley was born in Trençhtown, Kingston, Jamaica (6th February, 1945 – 11th May, 1981). He was a singer-songwriter who became an international musical and cultural icon.

Bob lived his life as a Rastafarian and affected many people around the world with his philosophical lyrics and was greatly feared by both the white and black government at the time because he constantly preached against their evil deeds hence it was the culture of Rastafarians to do so.
Rastafarians worshipped Hale Selassie 1 because they saw him to be their messiah who will lead them into righteousness and prosperity!
Rastafarians believes to get justice either by violence or by peace so Bob chose the path of peace.
In all this, something was missing inside Bob so he decided to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour in 1980.

It was Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq of the Ethiopian Orthodox in the Western Hemisphere who baptized Bob Marley a year before his demise.
The Archbishop also stated that Bob had wanted to give his life to Christ long before he had cancer but because of the influences around him at the time, he was restrained!

Bob Marley finally became a Christian in 1980 and in most of his tours in London he preached the Orthodox faith and most people went to Church because of him.

On his deathbed in Miami hospital, he hugged his family and wept for about 30 minutes!
His last words to his son Ziggi were, ” Money can’t buy life.”

Bob finally died at the age of 36!
Over 3 decades after his demise, his legacy leaves on!

Bob cried bitterly because he didn’t have enough time to share the Christian faith with crowd just like he did when he was a Rastafarian!

How sad!!!

But you are alive today to live the life of Christ!
Repent and follow JESUS CHRIST today!

Download One Love_Cover by Oase, enjoy and share with friends and family!



Oase – One Love (Bob Marley Cover)

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Download One Love (Bob Marley_Cover) By Oase
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